New Diagnostic Code for Post COVID-19 Condition (PCC)

23 Jan 2023 04:51 PM

New code '081' effective: January 13, 2023

Post-COVID-19 Condition (), commonly known as Long COVID, has emerged as a complex and multi-system disease that is anticipated to require multi-disciplinary management and treatment across the continuum of care. Understanding of  continues to evolve with ongoing research.

Ontario Health has published Post COVID-19 Condition: Guidance for Primary Care to support assessment and management of symptoms. To better understand this condition and the associated health care services provided to individuals with , physicians should use the  diagnostic code (081) when submitting claims to  for services provided relating to  assessment and management.

This code comes into effect January 13, 2023 and can be used when treating patients with suspected or confirmed  in all health care settings.

Charlene Rooz