HYPE Systems Inc. has been providing specialist and OHIP Medical Billing services for over two decades after our President, Eitan Rooz, recognized a need for greater support for and integration of technologies in the medical space. Here is what a few of our clients have said...

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St. Michael's Hospital Implements HYPE Medical Billing System

St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto recently adopted the HYPE Medical system to handle all billing for services rendered by its physicians. This decision aimed to streamline operations and increase financial integrity.
St. Michael's Hospital Physicians Association (SMPA) oversees all billing for the Department of Medicine, spanning 14 specialties. Its responsibilities include processing billings, collecting receipts, and maintaining financial records. Previously, the SMPA relied on a legacy software system that had become outdated and inefficient.
The purpose of the SMPA's 2019 RFP was to replace their existing legacy software with a modern, app-based billing system that works with OHIP and ensures the financial integrity of SMPA's operations. The vendor was also required to provide superior support and resources.
The SMPA sought a vendor to provide, configure, implement, and maintain a unified billing software that worked with OHIP, capable of replacing two separate billing programs previously in use.
The SMPA selected HYPE Medical, an OHIP/medical billing system developed, hosted, and managed by Hype Systems Inc. of Burlington, Ontario, since 2006. This system was an optimal fit for SMPA's requirements and conducive to a multi-disciplinary environment.
Implementation & Timeline
  • Summer 2019: Hype Systems wins the SMPA’s RFP to configure its HYPE Medical software for all physicians working at St. Michael’s Hospital and affiliated community clinics.
  • Spring 2021: HYPE Medical OHIP Billing Hospital Edition (HYPE Hospital) goes live, with 10 years of St. Michael’s Hospital patient billing history migrated.
  • Fall 2021: HYPE Medical receives a hardware/performance upgrade and a first major update at St. Michael’s Hospital.
  • December 2021: All HYPE Medical users receive the latest features, including HYPE Hospital. HYPE Hospital becomes available to hospitals Ontario-wide.
  • Spring 2022: HYPE Medical is updated according to end users' feature requests.

The implementation of HYPE Medical at St. Michael's Hospital marks a significant advancement in the hospital's billing process. As the system continues to be updated and improved based on user feedback, the SMPA looks forward to enhanced financial integrity and streamlined operations.
Since the implementation of HYPE Medical, St. Michael's Hospital has reported a significant improvement in billing efficiency. With the new system, SMPA has been able to process billings, collect receipts, and maintain their financial records more effectively and accurately. In addition, the transition from two separate billing programs to a unified billing system has streamlined SMPA's operations, saving both time and resources. This has led to increased productivity and improved financial integrity for the SMPA.

With HYPE Medical's continuous updates and improvements based on user feedback, St. Michael's Hospital anticipates further enhancements in their billing process and overall operational efficiency. The success of this implementation has also paved the way for other hospitals across Ontario to consider adopting HYPE Medical, contributing to a broader positive impact in the healthcare sector.

The implementation of HYPE Medical serves as a testament to the advantages of modern, app-based billing systems in the healthcare industry.  

Ontario Diagnostic Centres (ODC)

Ontario Diagnostic Centres, known for their dedication to providing exceptional diagnostic services across the Greater Toronto Area, sought a solution to enhance their billing processes and reduce claim rejections. They chose HYPE Medical by HYPE Systems as their preferred solution.



National Wellness Centre*


This national wellness centre (NWC), with locations spread across the country, recently implemented HYPE Medical as their primary billing software solution. Their goal was to streamline their billing process, reduce the number of rejected claims, and identify potentially missed claims.


The NWC is a singular specialty healthcare provider offering comprehensive wellness services to patients nationwide. Previously, their multi-location operations and complex physician schedules made billing a challenging task, leading to numerous rejected claims and overlooked potential claims.


NWC was seeking a robust, customizable billing software solution capable of handling the complexity of their multi-location operations and unique physician schedules. The solution needed to offer automatic cross-checks to reduce rejected claims and provide suggestions for missed claims, tailored to the Centre's specific requirements.


NWC selected HYPE Medical, a highly customizable billing system developed, hosted, and managed by Hype Systems Inc. This platform was chosen for its ability to adapt to the Centre's specific needs and automate key billing functions, ensuring the financial efficiency of the organization.

Implementation & Timeline

A comprehensive timeline for the implementation process included:

  • Initial Selection: The NWC selects HYPE Medical as their new billing software solution and utilizes HYPE Medical's expertise in software development.

  • Configuration and Customization: HYPE Medical works closely with the Centre's team to tailor the system to their specific needs, including integration with the existing multi-location infrastructure and physician schedules.

  • Automatic Cross-Checks Implementation: The system is equipped with an automatic cross-check feature to reduce the number of rejected claims and flag potential missed claims or errors.

  • System Goes Live: After a period of rigorous testing and refinement, the new system goes live across all the Centre's locations.


The implementation of HYPE Medical marked a transformative change for the National Wellness Centre. The comprehensive, tailor-made billing software developed by HYPE Systems met and exceeded the Centre's initial specifications, greatly enhancing their billing accuracy and operational productivity across all locations.

Having this robust system in place allowed the Centre to bring onboard an in-house programmer to handle ongoing maintenance and tweaks, ensuring the solution remained closely aligned with their currently evolving needs. This strategy offered the Centre a unique advantage, enabling them to directly control and customize their system while maintaining the high standard set by HYPE Medical's initial implementation.

HYPE Systems' role in creating a customizable and efficient system demonstrated their prowess and adaptability in healthcare billing solutions.

*Adhering to their desired anonymity, the entity represented in this Case Study will be referred to as  'National Wellness Centre' or 'NWC'