HELP! . . DYMO's Printing Blanks - Fixing A Windows' Update Conflict

22 Mar 2021 06:09 PM

Window’s update KB5000802 Conflict with DYMO

Lately we have been receiving phone calls from our HYPEMedical clients who use the Dymo Label printer. Clients were reporting that blank labels  were being printed on their Dymos. Blank labels were being printed not only off HYPEMedical but also from Dymo's own software. What we found out, and Dymo confirmed, is that Windows update KB5000802 is to blame. KB5000802 interferes with Dymo's Label Web Service. The Dymo Label Web Service is the label printer’s software component that allows printing off a web application like HYPEMedical. The following is a solution that will help restore your Dymo's performance.

2 Step Solution:

First, go to Control Panel Programs and Features, click on Installed Updates.

Right click on KB5000802 and choose Uninstall Next time Windows update prompts you to install updates, look for KB5000802 in the list of files to download and install, right click KB5000802 and choose ‘hide’.
Second, use the general purpose Diagnose command (image below) to ensure that the Dymo label printer will work with web applications like HYPEMedical (image below).
You may be required to repeat the Diagnose command. Your user account icon may be displayed on the first time you use the Diagnose command. In this case, click on your user account icon (a square with your initial on it). The second time you use the Diagnose command a “success” message should appear indicating that your dymo label printer is ready. Other PCs may display a certificate warning for your PC as a Dymo label server, click ‘Advance’ to allow your own PC to be your label printing server (as the person using your own PC you can ‘Advance’ onto your PC). A “success” message should appear indicating that your Dymo label printer is ready.