Resubmit G521A, G523A & G522A for a 30% premium with E415A

23 Mar 2021 03:34 PM

E415A is a new premium code for critical care codes (G521, G523 and G522). It's a 30% premium.  

Source: This temporary premium is only for services rendered between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021. E415 must be submitted with service codes G521, G522, and G523. E415A became a valid service code on March 1, 2021, with an effective date retroactive to October 1, 2020.
So what is the most efficient way to resubmit your G521A, G523A and G522A’s with E415A ?
First step: Create a Quick Service Code for E415A Second step:  In Billing Cycle enter search G521A, G523A, G522A into the service code field in ‘Advance Search’, enter a starting service date of October 1, 2020 and click 'Find'. Third step: Click the blue ‘Edit‘ to place your past claims in a queue. As the claims load, one at a time, click on the E415A Quick Service Code and hit enter to save. Repeat as each claim loads. E415A is programmed to act only on service codes that begin with the letter “G”. E415A’s place as the last service code in the claim is fine since E415A will only act on “G” service codes. With a quick glance ensure that no other “G” codes are present on the claim.

Charlene Rooz